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Rachel Goode

I have been a resident in Beaminster for 18 years.  I have two children Mitch, 21 and Lucy 14.  Lucy attends Beaminster school and we live in Fairfield.

My work life involves me working for the Co-op as a Member Pioneer.

As a Member Pioneer Coordinator, I manage a team of 8 Co-op Member Pioneers who are spread across Dorset, East Devon and South Somerset.  Their role is working closely with community groups in their local area to ensure everyone has access to food, access to education and access to mental wellbeing.  They do this by connecting the groups and causes with local Co-op stores, Food banks, town councils etc.

In addition to this, I also work as a Digital Skills Tutor, providing support to people in their own homes learning how to use their mobile devices.  And, I volunteer as a network leader for WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprises).

I have enjoyed my recent involvement with the Beaminster Resilience team supporting the community through the difficult times during the pandemic and I would like to continue that support by being a member of the Council.

My aspirations for the town come in three parts.

Digital Poverty

This something I am particularly keen to investigate within our community.  I hope to ensure that ALL members of the Beaminster community and the surrounding villages are not struggling to access online services due to limited funds for devices and broadband costs or lack of digital skills.  I think the pandemic has highlighted the ‘digital divide’ in many ways with all age groups affected.

Art, Media and Culture with younger people

I hope to support, encourage and inspire the younger members of our community to be involved with future initiatives around art, media and culture.


I believe the pandemic did show that our town has a sense of unity.   Clap for NHS was one example of everyone doing the same as their neighbours.  The scarecrow competition was a fabulous example of bring the community together with something for everyone.

However, I think there is much more that we can do to show that Beaminster is inclusive in every way.


Planning, Highways & Advisory Committee, Community Engagement Committee and the Community Resilience Committee.


Tel: 01308 863634
Email: r.brown@beaminster-tc.gov.uk