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    Nigel Corbett


Nigel Corbett

From my life of running night clubs in London, concert hall & discos in Bournemouth and Manchester, my wife and I wanted our daughters to experience life in the country and having driven through the middle Dorset on occasions knew something of its unspoilt rural beauty and way of life.

As luck would have it, we found a wonderful house in Evershot which we opened as Summer Lodge Hotel in 1979 – modestly at first but built it up to become one of the very best country house hotels in the country.

We sold it in 2003 and opened a Bed and Breakfast in Bradpole to break ourselves into retirement gently! After 10 years we finally retired to our cottage in Beaminster in 2014.

However, due to Beaminster Festival’s Director wishing to retire, I applied and was given that job for three years; in that time, I had introduced not only the bunting in the Square to engender a feeling of fun and excitement during the festival besides acting as an encouragement to attracting business but also the ‘Party in the Square’ event to which the whole community was welcome to come and sit together to enjoy food, drink, entertainment and kinship.

My life therefore has been based entirely on my own efforts with the unstinting support of my wonderful wife Margaret whose wisdom and common sense have underwritten everything we’ve done and achieved.

As the principal ingredients of the hospitality industry is to care for others and to meet their needs, I feel confident that I can play some modest part in contributing to understanding and meeting the needs of the residents as well as those of the business community.

Encourage business thereby employment too, support the current excellent efforts being made regarding youth activities not forgetting the needs of the older members of our community and fight waste indefatigably are all very close to my heart as is, of course, a successful future for this cherished town of Beaminster.


Planning, Highways & Advisory Committee and the Community Engagement Committee

Tel: 01308 863634
Email: n.corbett@beaminster-tc.gov.uk