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Councillor Mrs Janet Page

Councillor Mrs Janet Page

I have lived in Beaminster for most of my life and my children were born, and like me, went to school here. After school, I moved to Poole and became a librarian but came home three years later to look after my father who was seriously ill. When he died I became a 'travelling' librarian, filling in at various libraries in West Dorset when staff were ill or on leave. I eventually became the librarian in charge of the mobile library, based in Bridport and left when my daughter was born.

I joined my brother working in the printing business which our father had started. I have printed as a part-time job for most of my adult life. In addition, I became involved with the Playgroup - as a Committee member, Chairman, mum helper, paid worker, Play Leader (not all at the same time!) and as a result of my interest in how young children develop, I trained to be a tutor of adults, was employed by Weymouth College as a Lecturer in early years, and trained many playgroup leaders in West Dorset. This led to my appointment by Dorset County Council's Education Department as Under Fives Support Officer. During my time in Dorchester I studied with the University of Sheffield and attained my teacher's qualification.

I was first elected to Beaminster Town Council in 1973, have been Chairman twelve times and worked with six Clerks! In addition, I have been involved with many organisations: Beaminster Charities, Sports Association, Arts Society (now defunct but started other organisations such as the Camera Club and Recorded Music Group). St. Mary's School, Magna Housing Association. I was elected as a District Councillor in 2007.

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