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Beaminster Cemetery









Beaminster Town council provides and maintains a cemetery where residents of the Parish of Beaminster and others, of any faith may be buried.

Beaminster Cemetery is next to, and reached through, Holy Trinity Churchyard, the entrance to which is located in Whatley Lane off Shortmoor at the north end of Fleet Street. Holy Trintiy Churchyard has been closed to new graves and the former Holy Trinity Church is now a private residence known as Trefoil House

The area of the cemetery is intended to be a well maintained grass lawn surrounded by trees and hedges. Relatives may erect headstones and place flower vases in memory of the deceased and to mark the graves subject to the regulations below.

The Town Council Officers will assign grave plots
Available plots may be reserved on payment of a fee
Flowers and wreaths may be placed on the area of the grave at the time of interment and for a further period not exceeding fourteen days.
As soon as practical after interment the area will be levelled, grassed over and mown by cemetery staff
For ease of maintenance there will be no mounds, raised kerbs, walls or footstones and the plot should not be landscaped in any way. Memorial trees and shrubs should not be planted on the area of the grave but in the area provided nearby for the purpose, by arrangement with the Burial Officer
Children may be buried within the main part of the cemetery or, if the family prefer, in an area set aside for them
Ashes may be scattered or interred in the cemetery by arrangement with the Town Council's Officers

a) Memorials and headstones should not exceed 1 metre x 1/2 metre and should be made of natural materials
b) Vases of overall dimensions not exceeding 300mm x 300m x 300m with or without an inscription may be set at the head of each grave if there is sufficient room on the base stone

Proposed details of memorials, headstones, inscriptions and vases etc. should be submitted for approval and the appropriate fee paid to the Town Council's Officers before any work is undertaken
When there is the possibility that additional burials may take place in the same grave site, adequate space should be left on the memorial or headstone for additional inscriptions
The Town Council retains the right to allow the burial of a person who does not reside within the Parish at the time of death.
The Town Council reserves the right to amend or delete the regulations or fees and charges at any time without notice


Infant up to 28 days old

No charge

Child up to 16 years old




Additional adult in same grave



Interment of ashes


Memorial plaque for ashes


Reservation of a burial plot (for up to 50 years)


Permanent Memorials


Permanent vases


Vase and tablet


Enquiries regarding reserved plots and existing graves in Holy Trinity Churchyard or the interment of ashes in St Mary's Churchyard should be directed to the Parochial Church Council.
















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